Tasting note

An attractive cherry red colour with medium-high intensity, with flashes of cherry at the rim. Clear and bright.

Reveals its aromatic structure progressively when uncorked. At the nose stage, it has an outstandingly complex aroma, intense and elegant, a blend of spicy aromas (basil, White pepper, cinnamon) floral (orange blossom, violet), fruits (mandarin peel, blackberry, quince, fruit compote), aromatic grass (lavender) and cocoa.

In the mouth the qualities that come to the fore are those characterise a well-constituted wine. The entry is flavoursome and fresh. Potent, pleasant on the palate, displaying all of its development, roundness and velvety texture, with very well integrated tannins, leaving a pleasant acid aftertaste. The afternose is similar to the first impressions, the predominant aromas being spice (white pepper), flowers (orange blossom), fruits (mandarin peel, blackberry, quince), aromatic grass (lavender) and cocoa. Its aromatic structure lingers, which prolongs the enjoyment.

This is an ideal wine to partner stews, roasts, casseroles, red meats, game, etc.

   Other prizes obtained by this wine

- 2018 Decanter WWA - Bronce

- 2015: Catavinum WWSC - Oro