Tasting note

Color: the color is a beautiful straw yellow intact, bright and bright, with bright greenish reflections.

Perfume: It is distinguished by refinement and elegance, a clean and pleasant bouquet, intriguing scents, after delicate floral scents, releases notes of almond and citrus, apple and green apple, and then relax on the fruity, green pear and citron, plum, gooseberry, intense notes of banana, peach, apricot, with hints of dandelion rind enriched by herbaceous sensations of aromatic herbs and floral hints of jasmine, pleasant notes of hawthorn, hay and a slight reference to the crumb of bread.

Flavor: In the mouth, it is alive, lively, intriguing, fine, harmonious, mineral and fresh, characteristic, very well balanced thanks to a good balance between fruit and freshness, with a touch of maturity that reduces the vein of citrine, is able to give a measure and a preservability rewarding. A structure supported by good acidity and alcohol, offers a nice juiciness, citrus and fresh. A good sapidity guarantees a juicy and very pleasant finish, which invites you to taste it again. The bouquet is ample and persistent.

Food pairings: It is well prepared with local appetizers, such as tomini al verde, vitello tonnato, Russian salad and hors d?oeuvres of cured meats; it expresses its best qualities with first courses, such as potato gnocchi, tagliolini with clams, with simple second courses such as asparagus in sauce or cold with cardoon cake, but also with second courses such as almost elaborate roast veal, truffle eggs and especially with fish dishes such as perch and cod fillets, grilled scampi.

Serving temperature: 10°C

Alcohol content: 13%vol