Notes de dégustation

After a short three-hour maceration, it has a delicate salmon-pink color.

The nose is exuberant and exotic, recalling aromas of strawberries and other small red fruits of the forest.

It passes through the mouth like an explosion of small sensations of very ripe red fruit and a light citrus background, which gives it freshness and elegance. In the retro-nasal route the notes of ripe fruit that evoke the quince flesh are accentuated.

   Autres prix remportés par ce vin

- Bronze Medal ? Premis Vinari, España 2018

-Silver Medal ? International Wine Awards, España 2018

- Silver Medal- Champions Wine, España 2017

- Bronze Medal ? Vins de qualitat D.O. Penedès, España 2017

- Diamante ? Vino y Mujer, España 2017

- Silver Medal ? Mundial del Rosé 2017, Francia 2017

- Diamante ? Vino y Mujer, España 2016