Notes de dégustation

Color: Wine of intense ruby red color with garnet reflections, brilliant and pleasant. A fluid product of good smoothness, in the glass there are very wide arches.

Bouquet: It has fresh and fruity scents, notes of fresh fruit and wildflowers emerge with pleasant sensations of vanilla on the finish. Despite the aging and the passage in wood, it maintains the characteristic scents of the vine for the nose.

Taste: Clear, frank and elegant at the same time, it has a pleasantly persistent and velvety intensity in the mouth. Important and very varietal tannin of Nebbiolo. An austere wine with great body and great structure. It maintains an unexpected freshness even after aging.

Food pairings: It has a warm, well-structured, important and very typical tannin that goes well with well-matured cheeses, developing its best qualities with important meat dishes (game and roasts) and equally important first courses (such as agnolotti, tagliatelle with meat sauce, etc..).

Serving temperature: 20°C

Alcohol content: 14%vol

Glass: balon

To drink:better if decanted