Notes de dégustation

ELABORATION: In Euskera, the language of the Basque Country, "Xarmant" means "charming and delicate". And that is what characterizes this txakoli that we elaborate in the traditional way, preserving its joy through a careful control of the fermentation process at low temperature and extracting the best of the Hondarrabi Zuri variety by cold maceration. Two months of work with the lees give it aromas and guarantee its durability.

TASTING NOTES: Noticeable variety character, pale yellow colour limpid and bright with green lemon tones. Its intense fruit bouquet, characteristic of the variety, remind of peaches, apples and fresh grass. It also has some flower shades. Fresh and balanced flavour with a peculiar bitter touch. It contains a little bit of carbonic gas which makes it to be youthful and lighthearted. Light and smooth is also when you swallow it, returning afterwards a delicate acidulated flavour.

   Autres prix remportés par ce vin

Xarmant 2010 - Vinos Cuidadosos - SILVER

Xarmant 2011 - Vino y Mujer - HONORABLE MENTION

Xarmant 2012 . International Wine Guide - BRONZE

Xarmant 2013 - Lyon International Competition - GOLD

Xarmant 2016 - International Wine Awards 2017 - SILVER

Xarmant 2016 - International Wine & Spirits Competition 2017 - SILVER

Xarmant 2017 - International Wine Awards 2018 - SILVER