Notes de dégustation

ELABORATION: What makes Txakoli "Kiriki" special is the selection of the best vintage Hondarrabi Zuri and Petit Manseng that we macerate in cold at 100% to extract the best from it trying to avoid as much as possible any manipulation that subtract authenticity. With four months of work on lees it is a wine that is always presented in its best organoleptic conditions.

TASTING NOTES: "Kiriki" is a daring rooster who trusts his attributes and does not need more ornaments than those that Nature gave him. The work with lees provides structure in the mouth and durability. Notes of ripe fruit give you peace without disturbing the joy of that point of acidity that makes it fresh and 100% txakoli. Txakoli in its pure state.

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Kiriki 2017 -Nuevo Vino - SILVER