Autres prix remportés par ce vin

Eukeni 2010 - Vinos Cuidadosos - SILVER

Eukeni 2011 - Catavinum - SILVER

Eukeni 2012 - International Wine Guide - SILVER

Eukeni 2014 - Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition (Pairing with Grilled Unagi) - BRONZE

Eukeni 2014 - Hong kong International Wine & Spirits Competition (Pairing with Kaeng Kari chicken) - SILVER

Eukeni 2014 - Premios Arribe Vindouro - GOLD

Eukeni 2016 - International Wine Awards 2017 - SILVER

Eukeni 2017 - International Wine Awrads 2018 - GOLD

Eukeni 2017 - African International Contest - HONORABLE MENTION

Eukeni 2017 - Singapore Awards - GOLD

   Notes de dégustation

ELABORATION: We make "Eukeni" in memory of D. Eugenio Alava, our familiar predecessor and precursor of the Denomination of Origin Arabako Txakolina ? Txakoli de Alava. We elaborate it from a selection of own grape that we 100% macerate to extract the best of the varieties. Three months of work on the lees guarantee the durability of a traditional txakoli with which we try that the legacy left to us by Eugenio lasts over time.

This is the way we make "Eukeni", a tribute txakoli.

TASTING NOTES: Intense aromas characteristic of the native Hondarrabi Zuri variety, with the presence of organoleptic notes contributed by the Gros Manseng and Petit Manseng varieties, result in a fresh, bright and fruity txakoli. The incorporation of cold maceration in the process of elaboration, the work with lees and batonage with natural CO2 of the fermentation intensify notably the aromas, that burst impetuously in the uncorking.